Thursday 28 November 2013

Hunger Strike DAY 86! Ottawa

Madam Judy Sgro member of the Canadian Parliament(Liberal) and former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration visited the hunger Strikers today(Nov. 28, 2013) in front of the US embassy. Before talking to protesters though she paid her respect to the 52 Ashraf Martyrs whose pictures are decorated with a single red rose. She told the protesters that Canada has to do more to free the 7 hostages and that in a session yesterday instead of talking about the scheduled matter she had spoken about the Sept. 1 massacre that took place in Camp Ashraf. On another important note another Iranian-Canadian joined the Hunger Strike in an expression of solidarity in Ottawa today. 

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Hunger Strike DAY 85! Ottawa

On the 85th day of Hunger Strike(Nov. 27, 2013) and while 25 cm of snow has fallen in Ottawa, the protesters who are determined to overcome obstacles once again demanded President Obama to break his silence and force Iraq's Maliki to Free The 7 Hostages.

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Hunger Strike,Nov. 25, 2013, in Ottawa

Another cold day on the 83rd of Hunger Strike(Nov. 25, 2013) in Ottawa in front of the US embassy ended. The strikers endure difficulties voluntarily in order to save the lives of 7 Ashraf Hostages- 6 of them revolutionary women.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Hunger Strike DAY 77 Ottawa

Another day of Hunger Strike passed in front of the US embassy in Ottawa in a very cold day(Nov. 19, 2013) Death on the principle of velayat-e faqih(Iranian regime's supreme leader)